Find Train Tickets in Italy
Eurail / InterRail Pass
By Adam Jones | 17/04/2019

Taking the train from Rome to Venice is one of the quickest and most relaxing ways to travel between the two cities. Sit back and enjoy the journey while the scenic Italian countryside glides past your window.

By Kirsten Weisenburger | 25/01/2019

Traveling by train remains one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Italy. The country’s extensive rail network allows you to reach almost every town, village and city coast to coast.

By Paul De Tourreil | 04/01/2019

The Amalfi coast is justifiably famous for its magnificent villas, gardens and global reputation as a destination for the international jet set. But as summer turns to fall, a quieter (and more affordable) side of the region reveals itself. 

By Lina Branter | 05/12/2018

Italy is blessed with an excellent rail service that not only connects the big cities to each other, but also all the quaint, Italian villages along the way. Travelling by rail gives you the perfect opportunity to mix it up.

By Paul De Tourreil | 05/12/2018

In our always-on modern world, many of us feel like we don’t have the time to actually take our time. It’s why we look forward to our vacations so much!

By Paul De Tourreil | 05/12/2018

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

By Paul De Tourreil | 23/11/2018

It’s fair to say that going to the beach is a national obsession for Italians. And in Italy, beaches are not in short supply (Wikipedia’s partial tally numbers in the hundreds). 

By Paul De Tourreil | 23/11/2018

When planning to visit Tuscany, most people start dreaming of Florence, the magnificent cradle of the Renaissance. And therein lies the potential problem: “most people”.

By Paul De Tourreil | 22/11/2018

Almost touching the southwestern tip of Italy (the toe of the boot), Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. About the size of the state of Massachusetts, it is world-renowned for its arts, cuisine, and a rich history dating back thousands of years. 

By Paul De Tourreil | 22/11/2018

Bike tourism is on the rise across Europe, as a growing number of tourists opt for active, eco-friendly ways to explore the countryside.