From the window: what to see on the train between Rome and Venice

Adam Jones | 17/04/2019
Travelling in Italy from Rome. Termini station, Rome
Termini train station

Taking the train from Rome to Venice is one of the quickest and most relaxing ways to travel between the two cities. Sit back and enjoy the journey while the scenic Italian countryside glides past your window.

There are a few different trains to choose from depending on the class of travel that you’re looking for. The Rome to Venice train time can be as quick as 3 hours and 45 minutes on the fastest AV trains. Slower regional options can take up to six hours. The distance between Rome to Venice is about 531 km (330 miles), which is generally a six-hour drive, depending on traffic. 

Buying Your Tickets

Book your Rome to Venice tickets in advance on ItaliaRail to make sure you get the fare, time and train you want. While the high speed train from Rome to Venice is your quickest option, a slower regional train will allow you to really take in the Italian landscape, and stop and explore along the way.

Venice to Rome train fares vary between $42 and $125 USD depending on the time, train, and class of service. 

At the station

Rome’s train station is named Roma Termini, after the neighbourhood where the station is located. Roma Termini is central — easily accessible by taxi, metro lines A and B, or by bus — and near many of Rome’s famous attractions. Italy’s central rail hub, Termini is the largest train station in Italy and the second largest in continental Europe.

When you travel from Rome to Venice, you’ll end up at Venezia Santa Lucia train station, located right on the Grand Canal. Be sure to check your accommodation before you arrive to see which Venice station is the nearest to you. The sidewalks and bridges of Venice are not ideal for moving luggage. If your hotel isn’t near the station we’d recommend booking a private water taxi transfer. This can save a lot of hassle, and ensure you get to your lodgings smoothly to best enjoy the city.

What to see on the train from Rome to Venice

Since the distance from Venice to Rome isn’t far, you might want to consider stopping along the way. Many of Italy’s regional trains offer options to visit one of the villages or cities en route for an afternoon stroll or overnight stay.

Take a break in Florence

The main stop on the Venice to Rome train is Florence. You’ll get out at the Santa Maria Novella station, a great example of Italian modernist design. There are a variety of things that you can see and do right near the train station. 

Visit the famous Basilica di Santa Maria Novella, built in the 13th century by Dominican friars. Other options could be a quick stop to one of Florence’s famous galleries. Maybe book an Accademia Skip the Line Tour to see Michelangelo’s David. All tours happen in the mid-late afternoon, so you can wander around, see world-class art, and still be in either Venice or Rome for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, Florence is an excellent city for a culinary stop. Round out a visit to the museum with a stop at one of the area’s great restaurants. Keep in mind the city is famous for its enormous, juicy, and delicious Florentine steaks — the Bistecca alla Fiorentina. If you don’t have time for a sit-down meal, go for some street food that’s been popular in the city for more than 1500 years — the lampredotto. Thinly sliced tripe on a crusty roll accompanied by a spicy red sauce or herbal green sauce, this sandwich is unlike anything you can try at home.

Wander the streets of Bologna

When booking train tickets from Rome to Venice, consider booking yourself a visit to Bologna. You’ll stop at Bologna Centrale, on the northern side of the city center. Several bus lines stop just in front of the station — they’ll get you to most points of interest in a few minutes.

Climb the Bologna’s Asinelli Tower for an incredible 360 view of the city or visit the Neptune Fountain, a symbol of the town and one of the finest fountains in Italy. 

If you stopped in Bologna for a meal, you’ll want to visit the Piazza del Mercato. This market square is right in the centre of Bologna, serving up fresh food since the 13th century. Pick up some produce, have some street food, a sit-down meal, or buy some edible souvenirs for the next leg of your journey. 

Alternatively, you can try the Quadrilatero. This medieval market will have the full range of specialty foods you’ve come to expect from Bologna: ragù, tagliatelle, and fine regional wines.

Make time to explore the sights, sounds and flavors along the way

Traveling by train from Rome to Venice gives you the  freedom to explore along the way — from big cities, to the Tuscan countryside, to scenic medieval villages. Make the most of your journey by discovering the flavours, sights and stops that will make your Rome to Venice journey memorable.