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Train Station in Villefranche Sur Mer, Nice, France

While visiting Italy, why not extend your stay and get a flavour of France too? Spend a relaxing day enjoying the spectacular scenery of the French countryside, or take an overnight train and arrive in Paris or Lyon the next morning, alert and refreshed

France has more than 500 different kinds of cheese and more than 450 types of wines. France is western Europe's largest and probably its most diverse country. Each of France's 22 regions has its own culture and scenery, its own style of architecture and art, its own gastronomy and lifestyle, and, in many cases, its own dialect. This delightful diversity is what makes travel in France so intriguing.

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Note: Some trains are overnight trains (longer in during) and through booking you will be prompted to make a sleeper car reservation. Read more about overnight trains here.

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Two of Europe’s most popular countries are brought together in style with Thello services, a high quality and fast train which travels up to 180mph as it traverses the countryside between Italy and France.


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