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By Lina Branter | 12/07/2019

If you’re interested in lavish palaces, stunning cathedrals and churches, and spooky underground catacombs, we highly recommend devoting a few days to exploring Naples, Italy’s southern metropolis. 

By Debra Thimmesch | 12/07/2019

The ancient Romans left their mark on the world in any number of ways. In particular, their skill as engineers gave us some truly remarkable bridges.

By Debra Thimmesch | 17/06/2019

You’ll notice when visiting Rome that the city proper is free of the massive cemeteries you see in other major cities such as Paris with its well-known and heavily-visited Père Lachaise, Montmartre, and Montparnasse Cemeteries.

By Adam Jones | 10/06/2019

There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in a cultural festival during your vacation in Italy. From ancient cultural traditions, to contemporary musical festivals, Italy offers up a rich tapestry of in-the-moment experiences all summer long.

By Adam Jones | 10/06/2019

When it comes to agritourism, Italy is a bucket-list destination for experiencing world-class culinary vacations. No trip to Italy is complete without indulging in one of the planet’s most celebrated food cultures. 

By Debra Thimmesch | 06/06/2019

Whether you’re spending your honeymoon basking blissfully in the rosy glow of the sun setting on ancient Roman marble or celebrating many happy years together, Rome is one of the world’s top destinations for a romantic getaway.

By Lina Branter | 06/06/2019

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, with so much exquisite art and architecture tightly squeezed into a small, walkable, historical city center, there are a thousand reasons why you should visit Florence, Italy.

By Adam Jones | 20/05/2019

After spending time in Rome, you may be interested in getting out of the city for a relaxing beach holiday. Italy has some spectacular seaside holiday destinations. One of the most stunning options is the Amalfi Coast.

By Adam Jones | 20/05/2019

On your way to the Amalfi Coast? Ease into your journey with a stop in Salerno, an ideal gateway city to many of the areas most popular attractions.

By Lina Branter | 20/05/2019

Venice. Queen of the Adriatic. City of Bridges. City of Water. City of Masks. La Serenissima.