Find Train Tickets in Italy
By Debra Thimmesch | 17/02/2020

After a long train ride, say from Rome to Genoa, you might want to jump in the shower to freshen up. But private showers weren't the norm in ancient Rome.

By Debra Thimmesch | 17/02/2020

Hop on the train and head towards Florence to learn some of Italy's most interesting history.

By Debra Thimmesch | 17/02/2020

Hop off the train at Rome's Termini train station and you'll soon learn Rome isn’t simply one of the most beautiful cities in the world — it’s also one of the most delicious.

By Adam Jones | 17/02/2020

With so many excellent places to visit, a quick glance at some of the best cities to visit in Italy can make your trip planning that much smoother. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best urban Italy destinations to explore during your vacation in Italy.

By Lina Branter | 17/02/2020

There’s no better time to visit Milan than Fashion Week when all the celebrities and global trendsetters converge on the streets of Milan and transform it into one big fashion show. 

By Debra Thimmesch | 11/02/2020

Shakespeare famously wrote in Hamlet about the spirits of the dead that inhabit Rome: “The graves stood tenantless, and the sheeted dead did squeak and gibber in the Roman streets.” 

By Lina Branter | 11/02/2020

Rome was originally built on the foundations of seven independent settlements on seven hills. Over time, the swampy valleys between them were drained and replaced with public spaces. Only then did Rome as we know it begins to emerge.

By Lina Branter | 10/02/2020

Whether you're heading to Florence from Rome or making a quick stop before you take the train to Naples, chances are you’ve already p…

By Adam Jones | 10/02/2020

After spending time in Rome, you may be interested in taking a train to the beach. Italy has some spectacular seaside holiday destinations.

By Adam Jones | 10/02/2020

When it comes to Carnival, Venice is the place to be.