Find Train Tickets in Italy
By Debra Thimmesch | 17/02/2020

After a long train ride, say from Rome to Genoa, you might want to jump in the shower to freshen up. But private showers weren't the norm in ancient Rome.

By Paul De Tourreil | 04/02/2020

For those of us who suffer through the long, grey, frigid northern American winters, the idea of a summertime that’s “too hot” seems a little far-fetched.

By Lina Branter | 17/04/2019

Pompeii is one of the must-sees of Italy for a reason: when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the bustling Roman city was quickly buried under ash and pumice, a terrible tragedy where most of the inhabitants did not escape.

By Kirsten Weisenburger | 25/01/2019

Traveling by train remains one of the most enjoyable ways to explore Italy. The country’s extensive rail network allows you to reach almost every town, village and city coast to coast.

By Lina Branter | 23/11/2018

Travel Safe: Tips for trouble-free travel in Italy

By Paul De Tourreil | 23/11/2018

The best way to tour Italy is unquestionably by rail — comfortable seating, magnificent views of the countryside, and point-to-point access from one city center to another.