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Guide to Milano Centrale Train Station

Milano Central Train Station, Italy

Milano Centrale is—as the name so aptly suggests—the main train station for this major northern Italian city. It was opened in the early 1930s, replacing an older and smaller station, and the imposing design of the facade was intended to showcase the dominance of then-Prime Minister Mussolini's fascist regime. It's the second-largest station in Italy, behind Roma Termini.

There are 24 tracks at Centrale, with a soaring glass and metal arched roof over the platforms. There is regular daily service to cities throughout Italy, as well as international destinations in other parts of Europe, with 320,000 people per day passing through the station.

On the platform level of the station, there are a few shops and restaurants, as well as an information office, a Sala Freccia Club (across from Track 21, for travelers with a Gold or Platinum CARTAFRECCIA card or an Executive or AV Salottino ticket), and a Sala Blu (next to track four, for passengers with disabilities who need special assistance). There are restrooms next to Track 22.

The lowest level of the station has shops, restaurants, and an entry to the Milan Metro. On the mezzanine and upper levels there are more shops and restaurants. The ground level is where you'll find the large ticket office, the KiPoint left luggage facility, a post office, and most of the shops and restaurants in the station.

You can get to the Centrale Metro station without leaving the building, and just outside you can catch several city bus and tram lines.


Photo credit: John Seb Barber