Intercity train routes in Italy

Intercity train routes in Italy

See the hidden gems of Italy by using the Intercity train network

Intercity trains connect major and minor cities in Italy to meet the different mobility requirements of medium to long distances, especially over less heavily traveled routes.

The vast majority of tourists in Italy focus on the primary destinations Rome, Venice and Florence, with Milan and Verona as secondary destinations. These big five are well-served by Italy’s high-speed city-to-city rail lines.

The undiscovered beauty of the surrounding regions, however, is best accessed with Italy’s extensive and convenient intercity train lines. With 86 daily connections, intercity trains reach more than 200 destinations in Italy.

You’ll find an overview of some of the most popular intercity routes in the table below.

Turin Genoa Get Times & Fares
Milan Genoa Get Times & Fares
Leghorn (Livorno) Get Times & Fares
Ventimiglia Get Times & Fares
Bari / Crotone Milan to Bari | Milan to Crotone
Rome Naples Get Times & Fares
Reggio Calabria Get Times & Fares
Sicily (Palermo) Get Times & Fares
Bari / Taranto Rome to Bari | Rome to Taranto
Milan / Venice / Trieste Bologna Milan to Bologna | Venice to Bologna | Trieste to Bologna
Florence Milan to Florence | Venice to Florence | Trieste to Florence
Rome Milan to Rome | Venice to Rome | Trieste to Rome
Naples Milan to Naples | Venice to Naples | Trieste to Naples
Venice / Bolzano Bari / Lecce Venice to Bari | Venice to Lecce | Bolzano to Bari | Bolzano to Lecce

On Board Trains:

  • There is one first class car, 1 Grand Comfort, and 7 second class cars on these trains; there is always a cafe car where you can purchase beverages and snacks.
  • For your comfort, all intercity trains are air conditioned, equipped with a sound system and power sockets at each seat for your laptops or other electronic devices.
  • First class passengers receive a welcome drink and Depending on the time of day or week, a first class fare may not be much more expensive than a regular price ticket. If you feel like treating yourself, it’s worth inquiring about the cost of an upgrade.


  • All Italian tickets, both domestic and cross border must be validated at the machines on the platform before use. Failure to do this will result in a fine of up to 200 Euros.