Train from the Salerno (Amalfi Coast) to Naples


Enjoy some fun in the sun on Italy’s most famous coast followed by indulging in some of its most famous pizza. Learn about taking the train from the Amalfi Coast to Naples.

The Amalfi Coast is rightly one of the most popular destinations for visitors in Italy, many of whom continue on to the nearby city of Naples for pizza, history, and coffee. Connecting the two places by train isn’t as easy as you might expect--the Amalfi Coast has no train station.

To get from the Amalfi Coast to Naples by train, then, you have to travel to Sorrento or Salerno - cities with train stations at opposite ends of the towns that comprise the Amalfi Coast- and head on to Naples from there. From about May-October, there are ferries that run along the coast that will get you from the Amalfi Coast to either Salerno or Sorrento, and there are frequent buses that connect all the necessary towns and cities year-round.

Once you’re in a city with a train station, then connecting to Naples is simple. Read more about your two options below.

Frequent Trains from the Amalfi Coast to Naples

To get from Salerno to Naples, you can take one of Trenitalia's Alta Velocità (AV) trains from Salerno into Napoli Centrale station. There are also InterCity and Regionale trains serving this route, for a total of 41 trains per day making this trip. The first departs Salerno at 3:25 a.m. and the last at 10:32 p.m. The train trip itself can take as little as 36 minutes on the Frecciarossa, Trenitalia’s fastest AV train. Ticket prices on this route range from $6-16.

To get from Sorrento to Naples, you’ll take the slow local train called the Circumvesuviana, which gets its name from its route circling the bottom of Mt. Vesuvius. There are 2-3 trains departing Sorrento for Naples per hour during most weekdays, and the trip takes a little more than one hour. Tickets cost around $4 one-way. Note that the Circumvesuviana arrives in what’s known as Napoli Garibaldi station, which is different from--but connected to--Napoli Centrale. Once you arrive at Napoli Garibaldi station, follow the signs to either Napoli Centrale or the exit.

Note that weekends and holidays typically mean less frequent service and sometimes longer travel times.


Direct Trains from the Amalfi Coast to Naples

Trains from both Salerno and Sorrento to Naples are direct--you won’t need to worry about changing trains midway--but the Circumvesuviana trains from Sorrento to Naples make multiple stops between the two cities.

Amenities on Trains from the Amalfi Coast to Naples

The top of the line AV trains are Frecciarossa, and these train cars all come with air-conditioning and power outlets in the seats for your convenience. There are both 1st-class and 2nd-class cars (1st-class passengers get a free drink and a choice of newspaper), and a cafe car that's available to all passengers.

Amalfi Coast and Naples Train Stations

Sorrento's small train station is in the city center not far from Piazza Angelina Lauro, and buses from the Amalfi Coast towns stop right outside the station's front door.

The Salerno station is also relatively small, with only five platforms, and buses coming from the Amalfi Coast also stop near the train station.

Napoli Centrale is Naples' biggest station, and it's on Piazza Garibaldi which is a main hub for city and regional buses. There's also a Metro (subway) station connected to Centrale called Napoli Piazza Garibaldi. The area around the station is decidedly unappealing, so it's a good idea to know where you're going when you walk out of the station itself--whether that's a specific bus line or the taxi queue.

Remember that Circumvesuviana trains from Sorrento will stop in Napoli Garibaldi, not Napoli Centrale, but the two stations are connected by underground tunnels.

Journey Information

See below for details on traveling from Salerno to Naples by train.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Train Travel in Italy

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Arrival and Departure Train Destinations

Read on for information about Salerno to Naples train stations.

Salerno Train Station Guide

Salerno Train Station Guide

Salerno’s train station may be small, but it serves as a transportation hub for Southern Italy.


Naples Centrale Guide

Naples Centrale  Guide

The primary train station in Naples is called, appropriately, Napoli Centrale. Built in 1950s-1960s, it opens onto the huge historic Piazza Garibaldi.


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