Hot springs in Italy

Adam Jones | 05/12/2018
Saturnia hot springs, Cascate del Mulino. Hot springs in Italy.
Saturnia hot springs, Cascate del Mulino

Italy has a wide selection of geothermal springs, many of which have been used since ancient times. Used for relaxation, pleasure, and therapeutic relief, most easily accessible by train, you can visit many of these hot springs year-round — whether to soak luxuriously in the summer sun or to warm up on a chilly winter’s evening.

Read on for some of the most excellent hot springs to visit during your trip to Italy.

Fosso Bianco hot spring 

When you think of things to do in Tuscany, hot springs might not be at the top of the list. But Tuscany offers some of the most beautiful springs in Italy. Walk deep enough into the forests of Tuscany, and you’ll discover the Balena Blanco (White Whale), a series of pools characterized by the white sediment by in the mineral-rich water.

The massive white hill erupts out of the forest into a variety of different comfortably warm pools. Located about one hour outside of Siena, it’s not as busy as some of the more famous names on our list.

Cascate del Mulino hot spring

We can’t discuss mineral baths in Tuscany without talking about the Cascate Del Mulino, which is rated one of the best hot springs in the world. A two-hour drive from Rome, these hot springs were extremely popular with nobles from the Roman Empire. Cascate del Mulino are also known as the Saturnia hot springs, rumored to be created by the god Jupiter himself.

The water comes around a bend and falls into a gorgeous series of pools and cascades that are excellent for bathing. Though not a household name, in recent years thermal baths in Saturnia have gotten a lot busier — expect more visitors on Italian holidays and weekends.

Terme di Vulcano hot spring

The best thermal springs in Italy aren’t limited to the mainland; the island of Sicily also has many claims. Sicily is an active volcano (with little risk of eruption); this volcanic heat powers some great springs.

Surrounded by fumarole (smoking pits) the waters of Terme di Vulcano are famous for the therapeutic qualities found in their mud. Don’t be surprised to see mud-caked bathers lounging in the warm pools. Fortunately, there’s a nearby beach with beautiful clear waters that you can use to rinse off.

Villa Dei Cedri hot spring

A popular holiday area in Italy, Lake Garda has been a destination for ancient Roman nobles and modern-day politicians alike. The lake is ringed with hot springs, including the better known Sirmione springs.

Thermal baths in Italy don’t need to be famous to be extraordinary. The Villa Dei Cedri certainly delivers in that regard — it’s a 13-acre thermal park with forested areas, a variety of hot pools, swimming pools, as well as a spa and wellness center. 

Take a break from your vacation Whether you’re visiting Florence, Rome, Sicily or Lake Garda, a day outside the city soaking at the local hot spring may be just the break you need to soak tired feet before resuming your Italian adventure.

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