Do you have a map of train routes in Italy?

Italy's rail network is extensive, reaching nearly every corner of the country. A comprehensive map of Italy's train routes, then, would be prohibitively large, which is why a useful paper map of every single Italian rail line doesn't exist.

The map on this page shows Trenitalia's high-speed rail lines in Italy*, which are the trains most visitors use. There are a few cities not included on this map in the northern part of the country, where the dots are already close enough together to prohibit any further additions, but most destinations served by Italy's Frecce trains - the FrecciarossaFrecciargente, and Frecciabianca - are included on this map.

When you're planning a trip through Italy by train, the best way to determine whether a city or town is connected to Italy's rail network is by typing your route into ItaliaRail's search boxes. Our system recognizes both the English and Italian names for stations and cities, so no matter which you use you'll see an auto-fill option if your destination is served by Trenitalia.

If you do not see an auto-fill option for your destination, you can often find an entry for the city or town on Wikipedia. Sometimes, those include a "Transportation" entry, where you may see that a place is not on the rail lines.

If you need further assistance in determining whether your chosen route is possible via train, please contact our customer service department.

It's important to keep in mind that routes change regularly, particularly when it comes to the constantly-expanding high-speed train lines.

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