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Are there services for travelers with disabilities?

Trenitalia offers assistance for travelers with disabilities through Sala Blu (which means Blue Room or Blue Hall in Italian). There are Sala Blu facilities at 14 train stations, and these manage a circuit of 270 stations throughout the country for increased access through coordinated services.

Travelers with reduced mobility for any reason can take advantage of Sala Blu services. This includes pregnant women, elderly travelers, blind or visually-impaired people, deaf or hearing-impaired people, people in a wheelchair (from an illness or disability), people with limb problems or difficulty walking, and people with mental handicaps.

Services Offered in Sala Blu Train Locations in Italy

Services available from Sala Blu include information, use of wheelchairs, assistance in navigating the station, lifts for wheelchair-bound travelers to get on and off trains, and more. Find out all the details on the official Sala Blu website.

How to Arrange for Sala Blu Assistance

You can request RFI's assistance by going to the Sale Blu directly, or by calling the RFI National Telephone Number - 199 30 30 60 from within Italy* (the toll-free number 800 90 60 60 works only from landlines). Outside Italy, dial +39 06 47308579.

These numbers are available seven days a week from 6:45am through 9:30pm Italian time, including public holidays.

You can also send an email to the Sala Blu office at a specific station (see the contact information here) detailing your travel information and assistance requirements. A complete list of what information to include is available on this page.

For international travel, assistance requests must be made at least 48 hours before departure. For trips within Italy, requests must be made at least 24 hours before if requesting by email, and between 1-12 hours before depending on the hour of departure.

* Calls from a landline in Italy cost 6.12 eurocents plus 2.64 eurocents per minute; mobile operators may charge more.

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