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    • For safety, keep all of your important documents (passport, rail pass, traveler’s checks) in a money-belt worn underneath your clothing.
    • Make a copy all of your important documents such as your passport, traveler's checks, ID cards, insurance cards, and rail pass. Keep the copies in a separate, safe place. They will help you if anything is lost or stolen.
    • Do not leave any of your belongings unattended.
    • Board the train as early as possible and try to find a compartment with other backpackers, families, or business professionals.
    • If you are a woman and alone, look for a compartment with other women in it.
    • Be prepared to change compartments if you feel uncomfortable.
    • When sleeping on a train, use your daypack as your pillow. Wear your rail pass on you while you sleep; do not leave it in your bag.
    • If the door to your cabin has a lock, make sure to lock it before you go to sleep.
    • Always check your car for any valuables left behind before exiting the train.
    • Watch out for groups of children or adults creating a commotion meant to distract tourists for easy pick pocketing.
    • Keep only a small amount of money in an accessible pocket, and the rest in your money belt.
    • Do not let anyone hold you by the hand or wrist - they may whip your watch or wallet off you. Keep alert. You will take in more, remember more, and minimize your risk of being robbed.
    • Take particular care in Barcelona. It is the pickpocketing capital of Europe, and most pick-pocketers there use a variety of tricks to try and engage you in conversation or distract you while they or their accomplices swipe stray phones, purses or sunglasses from your table or person.