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What are the types of trains in Italy?

There are several types of trains in Italy, from high-speed and luxury trains to the so-called "milk run" trains that connect small towns. The type of train you take in Italy can depend on where you're going, how much time you have, and what your budget is.

Trenitalia, Italy's state-run rail network, operates most of Italy's high-speed trains. They are sleek and efficient, with relatively inexpensive ticket prices if purchased in advance. High-speed trains always require reservations and usually cost more than slow trains, but they're much more efficient if you're short on time.

Regional trains in Italy are slower, but serve a much wider network of cities and smaller towns throughout Italy. Many don't require reservations, and some have only second-class cars. Regional trains may be your only option if you're traveling through rural parts of Italy. They take longer, but are sometimes the cheapest option.

Other types of trains in Italy include overnight trains for long-haul trips and privately-run scenic trains that are excellent options for sightseeing day trips.

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