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Travellers with Disabilities

Image shows services for those with special needs - the elderly, pregnant, injured and disabled

Assistance for Train Travelers with Disabilities in Italy

Assistance is available to customers with disabilities during the main phases of train travel. Support is provided by The Blue Hall, known as 'Sala Blu' in Italian, of RFI — Rete Ferroviaria Italiana. The Blue Hall is the reference point for all the travel needs of customers and where the services are coordinated. This special facility is available in 14 main stations, and can be coordinated from 251 stations across Italy.

Help is Addressed to People with Reduced Mobility

Support is available for train travelers with disabilities, including individuals in a wheelchair because of illness or disability, and people with limb problems or with difficulty walking. Aid is also available for elderly people, pregnant women, blind or visually impaired people, deaf or hearing impaired people and people with mental handicaps.

Services Offered in Blue Hall Train Locations in Italy

The services offered include information, seat bookings and wheelchair bound customer support. It also offers wheelchair bound customers an escort to the chosen train, aid for connecting services and hand luggage service help free of charge, upon request.

Assistance Onboard Italian Trains

Two equipped spots are reserved for wheelchair passengers on the medium and long-distance trains. Also, on the trains marked with a special sign, you can obtain extra help getting on and off.

You can request RFI's assistance by going to the Sale Blu directly, calling the RFI National Telephone Number - 199 30 30 60, or by contacting Trenitalia's Call Center:199 892021 option 7 or 06/3000 for users not enabled to call 199.

There is a minimum time for service request observing the notice periods indicated by RFI.

ITALY-WIDE HELPLINE for disabled passengers: 199-30-30-60 is available all days (holidays excluded) from 7 am until 9pm. The tariff for landlines (cost to caller- VAT included): 6.12 euro cents at reply and 2.63 euro cents for every minute of conversation. The tariff for mobile networks varies according to mobile operator. As an indication, costs vary between 12.40 and 15.49 euro at reply and between 24.17 and 48.00 euro for every minute of conversation.

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