Find Train Tickets in Italy

Train Travel with Children in Italy

Train Travel with Children in Italy

Bringing the kids along on a trip through Italy is both an exciting and rewarding adventure, but it can be challenging at times. We have covered some of the things that help make traveling with children by train in Europe easier in another article. Here, we want to make sure you know all about the various train ticket and rail pass options for your kids when you take the train around Italy.

Train Tickets for Children in Italy

Children under the age of four travel for free on Trenitalia trains in Italy. If they are traveling for free, they will not get their own seat. This can be a problem if it's a train that requires reservations and all the other seats are taken, leaving you with a child in your lap for the whole trip.

Children ages 4-11 may travel at a discounted "child fare" on most trains in Italy (including Thello trains). Check the adult fare for the trip, as they are occasionally less expensive than the dedicated "child fare."

On high-speed Frecce, InterCity, and ICN trains, children ages 4-14 are eligible for the sometimes-discounted "child fare." 


On Italo trains, children under the age of two travel for free, and children ages 2-16 are eligible for a "child rate."

Seat, couchette, and other reservations must be made even for a child traveling for free, and these still require reservation fees.

Rail Passes for Children in Italy

There are rail passes for children ages 4-11, which are free of charge with the purchase of an adult rail pass. Each adult pass can have up to two children added for free, though each child must have his or her own pass.

Children under the age of four do not need a rail pass, but if you want to be secured a seat, you'll need to reserve one for the child as well as for yourself.


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