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What does "Business" mean?

Business is the second level of service on Trenitalia's Frecciarossa trains, after Executive. The main color on Business cars is blue, and there are typically two Business cars per train.

Seats in Business cars are situated in rows of three, with two on one side of the aisle and one on the other side. Each seat can recline without disturbing other passengers. There are plexiglass panels along the aisle next to the two-seat side for some privacy during conversations, and each seat has a power outlet. Luggage storage is available under the seats, in overhead racks, and at one end of each car.

Part of one of the Business cars houses the Bistro, which is open to passengers from all cars on the train.

One of the Business cars is outfitted for disabled travelers with a spacious bathroom, and wide aisles that allow wheelchairs to visit the Bistro car.

One of the Business cars has what's called a "Silence Area" (Business Silenzio in Italian) for those who want to travel in peace and quiet.

Business travelers receive a "welcome drink" upon boarding on all days except Saturday, which consists of water, a soft drink, or coffee with a snack and choice of newspaper.

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