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What happens if my train is canceled?

If you arrive at the train station only to find your train has been canceled (because of a strike or otherwise), be prepared with lots of patience. Trenitalia staff should do their best to get you booked on the next available train. If there are no other trains available, you can request a cancellation and strike refund directly at the train station.*

ItaliaRail as agent of the rail company in Italy has no responsibility on delays or cancelations operated by the rail company. You can, if you prefer, wait until you return from your trip to claim your refund to the rail operator.**

 Please feel free to contact us directly by email ( or phone (1-877-375-7245) if you have any questions.

Information on whether or not your fare is eligible for cancellation and strike refund prior to the strike date can be found under the fare rules stated for your ticket. It can take many weeks for Trenitalia to respond to a refund request, and they will contact you directly. They do not include ItaliaRail in this process.

** If you wait to process the refund when you return home, it could take upwards of six months to receive your refund. Trenitalia will contact you directly. ItaliaRail has no say, and plays no part, in the decision Trenitalia makes about your refund. The link to the refund request form is:

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