Find Train Tickets in Italy

At the Station

Trenitalia Station

Some European cities may have more than one train station. Therefore, inquire beforehand from which station your train is scheduled to leave.

In railroad stations, trains are listed chronologically either on a computerized board or on poster timetables. They are color coded yellow for departure and white for arrival. On computerized boards, you will find the train category, destination and platform/track number from which the train departs, as well as the departure time. If you are unsure of the information, ask a rail official at the station.

Some trains may split at certain junctions; one part going one way and the other another way or stopping. Make sure that you are seated in the right part of the train when you board. You can do this by looking at a diagram of your train, which is usually posted on the platform, by listening to announcements or by asking an official. In some cases, the platform itself may be marked with corresponding numbers or letters. Numbers on the outside of the train cars indicate whether they are 1st or 2nd class.

Many European trains have reserved seating. Sit in the seat with the number corresponding to the one on your ticket. If you do not have a reservation try to sit in a seat that is reserved from your destination station on. You will have a seat for the entire journey, and will not be asked to move.