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Shipping Information

Domestic USA Shipping

With our new electronic ticketing technology, there is no longer a need to ship tickets to you, however, some tickets and passes still require to be sent by mail. If your order requires a ticket or pass shipment, it will be shipped the same day of your booking if you booked between Monday and Friday. Our standard shipping for passes is Priority Mail by the US Postal Service, but can be upgraded to Fedex if your order requires a quicker ship time. We provide tracking number for all packages and a signature is required for delivery of the package.

USPS delivery time is 3-5 business days. Fedex shipments will be sent in 2 business days before 3 pm for standard home delivery, or before noon if overnight delivery is chosen.

Best Service

We take great pride in offering the highest level of service to our customers. Our knowledgeable and friendly travel staff is always ready to help. We can help you find the right pass or tickets to maximize your travel dollar. By taking the time to learn our customers travel plans, we are able to provide the right pass at the right price.

Global Shipping

We ship passes and tickets anywhere in the world via DHL. Average international shipments are sent and usually received in 3-7 business days except in remote areas where it requires additional time. International orders are subject to additional verification before we ship the order. Please allow for additional time to process your order.

Secure Order System

We use top-tier internet technology security systems to ensure the highest level of security for your transaction. All personal and payment information is confidential, and we don’t sell or distribute any of our customer's information.

Some products require additional processing, and as a result, orders will not be shipped same day.

Please be sure to also review our Privacy Policy.


You can select your preferred shipping option at the time of purchase:

USPS Priority (up to 5 business days)
USD $ 10
Fedex Domestic USA Shipping 2 Day
USD $ 18
FedEx Domestic Overnight Shipping
USD $ 25
DHL International Shipping (up to 5 business days)
USD $ 30