Are seat reservations included with rail passes?

A rail pass is equivalent to a train ticket. For some trains like Regional Trains, a ticket - or a rail pass - is all you need to ride becsuse Regional Trains do not require seat reservation. For others, you'll also need a reservation for a specific seat. Seat Reservations are not included with rail passes, so if you travel on any trains that require reservations, like all high speed trains in Italy, you'll need to purchase those separately. You will be fined if you are travelling in a high speed train without a seat reservation in conjunctions with your Rail Pass.

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ItaliaRail can make seat reservations on many but not all trains. You can reserve all seats in Italy in the high speed network. You do not need to reserve seats in regional trains in Italy. For seats on trains outisde of Italy, you will have to wait until you are in Europe and head to the station to make the reservation.

Reservations are required on:

  • Sleeping accommodations on all overnight trains
  • High-Speed Trains (e.g. Eurostar, TGV, TAV, Thalys)
  • Long Distance and Express Trains in Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe
  • Long Distance and Express Trains during high season (Jul-Aug)

If you already have a rail pass, which means you only need seats reservations and not tickets, be sure to choose the correct "I have a Eurail/Interrail" option from the drop-down menu before you click "Find Tickets."

How to Change a Seat Reservation

Most seat reservations are non-refundable and non-changeable.

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