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Press Room

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Press Fall Scholarship

ItaliaRail Announces Winners of the Fall 2014 Study Abroad in Italy Scholarship

Released July 31, 2014

Two accomplished students have been selected for the prestigious award offered by ItaliaRail for studying abroad in Italy.

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Large Stations

ItaliaRail Explores the Largest Train Stations in Italy

Released July 15, 2014

Italy’s major transportation hubs are chock-full of amenities, plus they offer a free app to help travelers better navigate the stations.

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Press Room Five Trips

Five Tips to Make Your Train Travel Through Italy Easier and More Enjoyable

Released June 22, 2014

ItaliaRail offers insider information to help save you money, time, and keep you on track during your trip to Italy.

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Press Room New Availability

ItaliaRail Announces New Availability for Summer Train Travel

Released May 13, 2014

The highly anticipated schedules and fares for summer train travel are now available for high-speed trains, with savings up to 75% off regular prices.

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Three Off The Beaten Track

Three Off the Beaten Track Train Trips from Rome

Released April 16, 2014

ItaliaRail picks three of the best train destinations for travelers looking for a little adventure just outside of Rome.

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Majestic Castles

ItaliaRail Names Three Must-See Majestic Castles in Italy

Released February 27, 2014

Italy is home to some of the most interesting castles in Europe and they are easily accessible by train.

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Love Italian Style

Love Italian Style with Romance by Rail

Released Feb 10, 2014

ItaliaRail presents three romantic destinations accessible by train and sure to ignite Amore

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ItaliaRail Announces Scholarship Winner

ItaliaRail Announces Winners of the ItaliaRail Study Abroad in Italy Scholarship

Released January 30, 2014

Two students have been selected as recipients for the inaugural scholarship offered by ItaliaRail for students studying in Italy during the Spring 2014 semester

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Top 10 Most Important Phrases

The 10 Most Important Words and Phrases For Italy Train Travel

Released January 23, 2014

ItaliaRail offers up the best in basic Italian phrases to help you with your 2014 Italy train travel experience

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Resolve to Travel Through Italy

Resolve to Travel Through Italy by Train in 2014

Released December 23, 2013

ItaliaRail announces the top five reasons to put train travel on your list of New Year’s resolutions

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ItaliaRail Presents

ItaliaRail Presents the 12 Ways of Christmas in Italy

Released December 12, 2013

The holiday season, when roads and airports are jammed with traffic, is the perfect time to travel by train through Italy.

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Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale at ItaliaRail Sees Reduced Pricing on All Fares

Released November 26, 2013

ItaliaRail, the experts on train travel to, from, and around Italy, announce even more savings if you book on Cyber Monday.

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Five Things to Do in Italy

Five Things to Do in Italy During the Winter by Train

Released November 14, 2013

ItaliaRail offers five cool ideas for an Italian winter getaway to take advantage of newly available schedules for the season.

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Winter Signals Cool Fares

Winter Signals Cool Fares on Trains in Italy

Released October 17, 2013

ItaliaRail offers schedules and rates for train travel from December 15, 2013 through early spring 2014, with savings up to 75% off regular prices.

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See All of Italy

See All of Italy By Train and Save

Released October 7, 2013

ItaliaRail announces an extra 5% off the already 20% discounted Eurail Italy Pass available now through October.

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Halloween in Italy

Celebrate Halloween in Italy with ItaliaRail

Released September 30, 2013

From the creepy catacombs of Rome, to the dark medieval towers of Bologna, Halloween is a spooktacular time to see Italy by train.

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September Festival Italy

September is Festival Month in Italy

Released August 29, 2013

As summer winds down, the best celebrations of Italy gear up.

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End of Summer, Early Fall

End of Summer, Early Fall Train Travel Deals from ItaliaRail

Released August 14, 2013

With the tourist crowds heading home, the weather cooling off and prices dropping - it’s the perfect time to see Italy by train.

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Trevi Fountain

Summer Rates for Italy Rail Travel Now Available

Released June 13, 2013

ItaliaRail announces highly requested summer fares are now available for high-speed trains with savings up to 75% off regular prices.

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Rimini Kite

New Stops on High-Speed Train from Milan Means New Access to Some of Italy’s Most Beautiful Beach Resorts

Released April 18, 2013

ItaliaRail announces the high-speed Frecciarossa train now travels from Milan to Ancona with stops in Bologna, Rimini and Pesaro.

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Paris to Rome by Train

Go to Sleep in Paris and Wake Up in Rome!

Released February 1, 2013

ItaliaRail Partners with Thello to Sell New Paris to Rome Overnight Train with fares as low as $50.

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