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Use our Italy train map to help plan your Italian vacation

Italy’s extensive and modern rail network connects all the major cities so you can easily access every corner of the country.

Planning a trip to Italy? Consult our rail map to find the right combination of train routes to build your itinerary. Depending on your journey, Italy offers high-speed trains that connect small towns and larger cities, and slower regional trains that traverse This map is just an overview of Italy’s rail offerings. New lines are being built all the time.

Italy train map key:

BLUE: High-speed trains  

DARK GREEN: trains

LIGHT GREEN: Regional trains

High-speed trains in Italy

Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, and Frecciabianca): super-fast trains that need special rails to achieve and maintain their top speeds.

The dedicated Frecciarossa high-speed line reaches speeds of 320 mph and runs from Torino in the north, through Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, and finally Salerno.

Rome to Venice, Verona, Bari/Lecce, Lamezia Terme/Reggio Calabria on a combination of high-speed and traditional lines. These trains can reach speeds of 155 mph on some sections of rail.

Milan to Venice, Udine to Trieste, Genoa, and Rome. They also go down to Bari/Lecce on the traditional line. can reach the slower but still respectable speed of 125 mph.

The Italian train network is quite extensive, connecting all major cities with smaller cities and towns across Italy. If you are looking to venture the beaten track, these trains will get you to less-traveled but equally delightful corners of Italy.

Regional rail lines run through rural areas, from the big cities. They are inexpensive but tend to make stops at practically every little town on their way.

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