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From charming villas to chic city stays, you’ll find a world of hotel and accommodations options in Italy.

Hotels in Italy



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It’s no surprise that Italy’s range of accommodations is as rich and as diverse as the country itself. One thing is certain: whether you stay in the center of Rome or a hilltop village in Tuscany, you are sure to experience the world-renowned Italian charm and hospitality.

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Here’s a brief rundown of the types of accommodations you can find on an Italian holiday:

Hotels: the Italian word for hotel is “hotel”, but without pronouncing the “H”, ie “oh-TELL”. Rooms will often be smaller than their American counterparts and do not always have a private bathroom, as space in historic buildings is at a premium.

Albergo/Pensioni: These are both terms for hotel-like lodgings, usually not as expensive or well-appointed as traditional starred hotels. Historically, an albergo was similar to an inn, and a pensione was a smaller, family-run establishment. Nowadays, these distinctions are no longer as defined, so it pays to do your research.

Ostello: These are hostels. Although they no longer cater exclusively to young backpackers,  they can vary from cozy B&B to bare-bones dormitories. Contact a hostel prior to booking, or at least view some photos online to know if a particular spot is right for you.

But there’s more! From campsites, convents and monasteries, agriturismo, all the way to luxurious country villas, Italian hospitality runs the gamut from rustic to royal. So whether your Italian dream trip involves an opulent stay in Florence or time amid the country’s Cypress-studded landscapes, we are happy to provide you with a selection of accommodations that are guaranteed to be bellissimo!

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