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InterRail Italy Pass

The InterRail Italy Pass offers travel on the Italian train network.


  • Available in 1st and 2nd class
  • Pass prices for adults and children (ages 4-11) and Youth travelers (ages 12-25)
  • Your pass is not valid in your country of residence. When traveling on a InterRail Global Pass you will need to acquire train tickets separately for your own country.
  • Most high speed and night trains in Italy will require advance seat reservations, this is an additional cost to your ticket.
  • Not valid for Italian residents
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Rules [ show ]

  • Your pass must be validated within six months of issue, prior to your first train trip.
  • Passes cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Pass Security is recommended.
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • To purchase an InterRail pass you must have been a resident of Europe for at least 6 months and a passport number is required at the time of booking. It is not permitted to purchase a pass for travel within your own country of residence
  • To qualify for the youth rates, you must be under 26 years old on the first date of validity of the pass
  • If you make an overnight trip on a direct night train leaving after 7 PM, you will only need to fill in the date of the following day, as long as you did not travel on that day before 7 PM.
  • In some countries (i.e. Spain, France, Italy), reservations may be mandatory on certain services. Even when not required, reservations are highly recommended on services during busy holiday periods (i.e. August). Additionally, some overnight services may require the purchase of a couchette or sleeper supplement in order to board the train.
  • Passes are issued on identity and cannot to be used by any other person. Your name, country of residence and Passport number should be filled in on the Pass.
  • If a traveler boards a direct overnight train that departs after 7:00pm, the traveler is required to use only one day of their pass.
  • If the overnight trip requires a train change before midnight, traveler will use 2 travel days.
  • Certain trains may transit through a country not covered by the pass. In that case an additional ticket must be purchased.
  • If a reservation is required or a supplement needs to be paid, especially during night journeys, you should ask for a ‘Passholder’ fare.