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Internet Access on Italian Trains

Internet Access on Trains

Yes, you can access the internet with a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any other portable device with an embedded wifi card when you're on either the Frecciarossa or Frecciargento high-speed trains. A partnership between Trenitalia and Telecom Italia makes this possible.

Keep in mind that the wifi signal will drop in tunnels and as the train goes through or stops in stations along the way, too. 

How can I connect to the internet on board the train? 

  1. Wait for the train to leave the station. The wifi is only active after the train leaves its origin station, and may take several minutes to become active.

  2. Launch your internet browser and you’ll be redirected automatically to the portal’s sign-in page. If you don’t see the portal’s home page, you can type in the address manually: or

  3. Enter your mobile telephone number to get a wifi access code.

  4. The system will charge 1-cent to your credit card and send an access code to your email address. This code is good for a 24-hour period, and the 1 cent charge is the only fee for using wifi on board the train.

  5. Save the username and password, because you can log into the system later in the 24-hour period if you want to get online later in the same train trip or are taking another train in that time.

If you’re having any trouble connecting to the wifi after following these instructions, make sure any Proxy Server settings are disabled (unchecked) on your Network Settings.

 Your browser must be able to support 128-bit encryption for the on-board wifi to function, and TCP/IP parameters (IP address and DNS) must be in automatic mode.