Internet Access on Italian Trains

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Internet Access on Italian Trains

Is there Internet Access on Italian Trains?

Internet access is available on the high-speed Frecciarossa and Frecciargento trains that connect to major cities such as Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence and Bologna. On these trains you can access the internet with your computer, phone or any other portable device with a Wi-Fi card embedded thanks to collaboration between Trenitalia and Telecom Italia.

Major train stations have internet access if you are not traveling on a Frecciarossa or Frecciargento train. You can check emails and access the internet once you arrive at the stations.

How to Connect to the Internet Aboard your Train

Once on the train launch your internet browser to see the portal home page, if it doesn’t come up immediately you can type in or and follow directions under the Wi-Fi Access tab to obtain access.

For a token cost of 1 cent billed to your credit card, travelers can get an access code emailed to them that allows internet access. The 1 cent charge is the only charge and you may use the internet for a 24-hour period for free.


STEP 1: Connect to the “Freccia” Wifi network

STEP 2: Connect to portal

Open browser and go to or  (depending on train type.

Choose “English” flag.

If page doesn’t come up:

You must wait for the train to exit the station before this becomes active. It can take several minutes after train leaves origin station for page to become active.

If page still doesn’t seem to come up, then ensure sure any Proxy Server settings are disabled (unchecked) on your Network Settings.  

STEP 3: Register for the 24 Hour Account for EUR 0.01 charge

Select to pay the $0.01 charge by credit card

See sequence of screens below.  

At end of step 3, you should have a username and password that is valid for 24 hours.





Save the username and password!

Do not close this page.

STEP 4: (if you don’t seem to be already connected) Login

Open browser and go to or (again depends on train type)

If page asks you to login, then enter the username and password from above and click “Enter”.

Step 5: Use the internet


Note that signal drops in stations and in tunnels.