Valentine’s day in Italy, the Land of Love

Paul De Tourreil | 25/01/2019
romantic holiday in Italy. Couple on vespa in Rome.
Romance in Rome

The thought of a romantic holiday in Italy has fascinated lovers of all ages for centuries. Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, the most famous love story of all time, is set in Verona, which makes the city one of the most romantic places in Italy. Verona even hosts a festival of love every February, and the house in Verona with Juliet’s balcony attracts thousands of lovers each year. But Italian romance stretches all across Italy, from romantic hotels in Venice to sunset strolls across Rome.

Romantic sunset stroll in Rome

Grab a bottle of wine, fill a basket with tasty treats, and head to Aventino Hill, where the little Parco Savello (Garden of the Orange-trees) offers a spectacular view as well as a prime spot for a romantic picnic. And Janiculum HIll is in the running as one of the most romantic lookouts in Rome, with panoramic views over rooftops, ancient ruins and elegant domes.

The art of love in Florence 

Couples pay as one person on Valentine’s Day at the world-renowned Uffizi Gallery, where a special tour presents great works of art on the theme of love, from Botticelli’s Venus, to Cupid & Psyche by Crespi, and many others. The tour includes a chance to visit the rooftop and take in the view before concluding your unforgettable Valentine’s day in Italy at any one of the choice restaurants in the area.

Venetian romance

Gondola ride for couples in Venice. Romance in Italy.

Part of romantic Venice’s amazing Carnival festivities includes special events that add a dash of romance to the masked festivities. Lovers can participate as a couple in Venetian masked parades, and the legendary Masked Ball would be a highlight of any Venice honeymoon. Although the demand is likely high on Valentine’s day, the traditional gondola ride for two, to take in either the Bridge of Sighs or the famous Rialto Bridge, remains a top choice for many.

Unique experiences on the Italian Riviera

The crescent-shaped coast of northwestern Italy is home to quaint fishing villages and gorgeous views of both sea and land. In Cinque Terre, the Via Dell’Amore  (Path of Love) is a popular choice for those struck by Cupid’s arrows. It’s the easiest trail from Riomaggiore to Manarola. Legend has it that its name comes from its reputation as a meeting place for young lovers from each town.

A little further north is the small fishing village of Camogli, where an annual Innamorati a Camogli (Lovers in Camogli) festival takes place in February. Among many other activities, couples can tie heart-shaped cards to fishing nets in the harbor.

Single? San Faustino’s got you covered

There’s no shortage of romantic places in Italy. It’s no secret that romantic vacations in Italy are often dreamed about for years ahead of time. 

But for single people, Valentine’s Day can be lonesome. As luck would have it, Italy has solved this problem as well. On February 15th, many Italians now celebrate San Faustino’s Day in honour of the patron saint of singles everywhere. In 2001, an Italian dating website started a celebration of single people one day after Valentine’s Day, as a sort of joking takedown of the often over-the-top displays of love that February 14th can bring. Now, about two-thirds of single Italians celebrate San Faustino’s Day in some way, from speed-dating events to casual dinners for the happily single.