Find Train Tickets in Italy

What is an electronic or e-ticket?

An electronic or e-ticket is the newest reservation confirmation for booking reservations trains in Italy. This is exclusively available on trains that originate within Italy.

Upon completing an e-ticket booking, you will receive an email confirmation of your train journey in place of the printed and shipped tickets. This email will include the booking confirmation code, referred to as a "PNR," and the booking change code. This confirmation PNR will also include specific train information—date, time, number of passengers, fare code, and rules.

An e-ticket will either allow you to travel "ticketless"—boarding the train with only the PNR code—or will require you to check in before departure using the check-in link provided in the order confirmation email you will receive after purchase. Pay close attention to your email confirmations as the specific requirements of your train tickets are included

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