Boat and ferry connections in Italy

Ferry boat in Italy

Italy is perfectly situated for arrival by ferry with frequent and cost effective services on offer.
Whether you are travelling to the mainland or looking for onward travel to any of the famous islands such as Sardinia, Sicily, Elba, Ischia or Capri as well as some of the less well known destinations of the Aegadian, Pontine or Aeolian Islands you are sure to find a crossing to suit your plans.

Ferries sail to Italy from virtually all surrounding countries with connections offered from Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea while from the other side of the country you can travel from Spain, Tunisia, Malta and Morocco.

If you’re looking to travel on to an Italian island then again you certainly won’t be short of choice with Direct Ferries aggregating numerous ferry companies, routes and departure times on offer

Photo credit: Mariia Golovianko