Rome is for romance: Amore in the Eternal City

Debra Thimmesch | 06/06/2019
Villa Borghese
Wander through Villa Borghese where you will find romantic sights at every turn.

Whether you’re spending your honeymoon basking blissfully in the rosy glow of the sun setting on ancient Roman marble or celebrating many happy years together, Rome is one of the world’s top destinations for a romantic getaway.

There’s no place like the Italian capital for falling in love or paying homage to enduring amore. Get ready to share breathtaking views from some of the city’s legendary hills, savor elegant dinners and stroll hand-in-hand across romantic bridges in the city that truly did invent romance.

Book your love nest

When planning your romantic Roman holiday, start by deciding what kind of accommodation will suit your vision of the perfect love nest. Choose a hotel from a list of Rome’s most romantic hotels or select a well-appointed, private apartment. 

One of the top hotel choices for honeymooners in the city is the very reasonably priced three-star Hotel Raffaello. Located in the fashionable, central, artsy rione called Monti, the hotel is surrounded by lively, chic bars, boutiques and restaurants — and it’s within short walking distance of the major historical sites. 

Or go all out and book a suite at the ideally-located Singer Palace Hotel, just steps away from the iconic Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon — once a temple to the pantheon of Roman gods and now a stunning Roman Catholic church. Among other sublime amenities, the Singer Palace Hotel has a rooftop restaurant where lovers can share a bottle of bubbly and take in breathtaking views of the Eternal City. If you and your amante prefer the privacy of your own Roman apartment, Rome Sweet Rome provides a range of options for fully furnished, upscale apartments in the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Enjoy exceptional food

There’s really no place like Rome for dining — whether you’re in search of the perfect cafe, a bustling pizzeria, or the consummate dinner out. For the latter, we recommend the incomparable Ristorante Enoteca La Torre a Villa Laetitia (the shorter version: Enoteca La Torre) in the Prati rione not far from the Vatican. The ristorante earned a Michelin Star and two forks (from the prestigious Gambero Rosso) in 2010 and its chef, Domenico Stile is Rome’s youngest starred chef. The building, a historical residence (the Villa Laetitia) is owned by the renowned Fendi fashion family. You’ll enjoy dishes ranging from Tuscan lamb to a surprisingly compelling anchovy ice cream. 

Famous and perhaps ever-so-slightly on the cheesy side, you may want to just go all out at The Library, an intimate little restaurant near the Piazza Navona. The tiny venue has only six tables, so make your reservations well in advance. The Library’s setting is really the height of romance, with beautifully laid tables, torchlight, a singer, and top-notch cuisine — including dishes meant to be shared. We recommend dining late like the Romans do, and then a long lovers’ stroll after midnight. 

For a meal with a view (and great food) we recommend the restaurant at the Forum Hotel, which affords you a view of the Colosseum as you dine. Be sure to make a reservation and consider enjoying brunch here. 

We can’t think of a more quintessentially Roman experience than to share a huge gelato with your lover. Ask a Roman to point you in the direction of his or her favorite gelateria and you’ll get a different answer every single time.

Swoon over Rome’s sights

As for the sights of Rome, the city itself inspires instantaneous and eternal love, making you want to return again and again (whether or not you toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain and seal your promise to return). Rome offers up some views and must-visits that seem custom made for lovers. 

First stop, inspired by our enduring love for Audrey Hepburn as Princess Ann in the classic 1951 film Roman Holiday is the Bocca della Verità or Mouth of Truth. This famous open-mouthed sculpture on the outside of the ancient Santa Maria in Cosmedin church is supposed to bite off the hand of the dishonest person who dares extend it into the figure’s mouth. 

Italian filmmaker, Paolo Sorrentino’s more recent La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) provides a plethora of romantic views and inspiration for multiple, after-hours lovers’ treks through the city. To name a few: the marvelous Fontana d’Acqua Paola on the Gianicolo hill, the ancient aqueducts at the Parco degli Acquedotti, and the views of the Colosseum from the affluent areas of the Celio hill. We also recommend the panoramic view in the Giardino degli Aranci or Orange Garden on the Aventine hill. We hope you’ll stop for a snuggle on the Spanish Steps before continuing your promenade in the aforementioned gardens of the Villa Borghese, where lily ponds and Greek folly temples have inspired lovers for generations. 

For the ultimate romantic Roman experience, we recommend a night at the opera or ballet. Rome’s world-class Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is one of Europe’s most beautiful theaters. Even if you don’t want to attend a show, we recommend taking a tour of the building to marvel at its grandiose decor. 

Your last stop on your own romantic Roman holiday, as we’ve already emphasized, must be the Trevi Fountain. While we don’t recommend splashing around in the fountain à la Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (perhaps the most iconic Roman film of them all) we do recommend standing hand-in-hand, tossing your couple’s coin into the fountain and wishing for your next perfect visit to Rome.