Why should I consider train travel in Italy?

Traveling by train in Italy is easy, efficient, fast, and—for most travelers and residents alike—the best way to get around much of the country.

The rail network in Italy is robust in most areas, though in some regions only major cities have train stations. High-speed trains serve all the main tourist cities (also the most populated), and are comfortable and convenient.

Some trains have both first-class and a second-class cars (on high-speed trains these classes go by different names, but there are still grades of service), though often regional trains have only second-class cars.

Larger train stations usually have places to eat and shop, luggage storage, tourist information, currency exchange, and services for disabled travelers in addition to the ticket windows and restrooms found in all stations. In some cases you'll need to use underground passages to reach tracks further from the building.

Finally, there's nothing more enjoyable than sitting back and letting Italy's breathtaking scenery roll by—bucolic fields, charming villages, and mountain and seaside views.

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