Do I have to print my ticket, or can I just show it on my smartphone?

Some e-tickets allow for "ticketless" travel, in that you do not need to print a hard copy of the ticket before boarding the train. This is generally true with high-speed train. In these cases, you can simply show your e-ticket on your personal mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Other e-tickets will require you to "print a ticket upon departure," which means you will need to use a self-service machine at the train station to print a hard copy of your ticket. Input the PNR for every segment when prompted on the self-service machine and you'll get printed tickets you can then validate (if necessary).

The type of e-ticket you have will indicate whether you need a hard copy or not. Keep in mind that if you have one with the "ticketless" option and, for any reason, you are unable to access the email for ticket information, you would need to buy a new ticket. We suggest that you print the tickets, just in case.

ItaliaRail Tip: Take a photo of the email QR code and save to your photo library as offline electronic back-up.

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