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The Festival of San Gennaro

san gennaro

San Gennaro

Date: September 10, 2015 through September 20th, 2015
Location: Naples, Il Duomo

Approximate Travel Times from Popular Cities

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Rome 1 Hours 10 Minutes
Florence 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Milan 4 Hours 40 Minutes
Venice 5 Hours 20 Minutes
Pisa 4 Hours 05 Minutes


The Blood Miracle


Blood MiracleThis famous public holiday in Naples is emulated in many Italian communities throughout the US. On this day in Naples, the blood of Saint Gennaro, which is solidified and hermetically sealed in a tomb under Il Duomo, will supposedly liquefy, signifying a prosperous year for Neapolitans. Scientists have long tried to understand the phenomenon, but have come up with no serious conclusions. Festivities kick off with a morning mass at Il Duomo led by the Cardinal.

After mass, the cardinal walks with the liquefied blood down the middle aisle for all to see and goes outside to tell the people of Naples that San Gennaro, the patron Saint of Naples, has yet again blessed the city. Then it’s time to party! Streets are closed off and filled with vendors selling candies and toys. It is truly a memorable time to be in Naples.