ItaliaMobile 30-Day Voice & Data Plan

Stay connected with the best mobile service for travellers to Italy
Enjoy high-speed wireless data and stay in touch with family and friends while you explore beautiful Italy.
  • A mobile plan for travellers, from Italy’s largest mobile provider.
  • Easy, affordable calling, texts and data
  • Avoid hefty roaming charges and unpredictable coverage with ItaliaMobile, your best bet for easy access to high-speed wireless mobile data on your smartphone or tablet.
  • An easy 30-day plan made for travellers.
  • Whether you want to make a local phone call in Rome, text your friend from a gondola or post selfies at the Colosseum to your Instagram, our 30-day plan allows you to stay connected. Benefit from generous data and local/international calling to key destinations, including the US, Canada and Australia.
  • ItaliaMobile service is provided by TIM, Italy’s largest mobile provider, offering the biggest 4G network with the widest coverage across Italy.
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