ItaliaMobile 30-Day Voice & Data Service

Stay in touch with family and friends while you travel in Italy for less than it costs on many networks at home. 

ItaliaMobile 30-Day Voice & Data Service

Your 30-Day Plan Includes: 

✓  Data: 4GB for 30 days on Italy’s biggest 4G high-speed network  

✓  Voice: 100 minutes in Italy or to select countries, incl. US, Canada & Australia   
✓  Free $$$: 5 euro credit for SMS and calls to countries not included on the list
✓  Free SIM: ("TIM") card 

Travelers to Italy now have easy access to high-speed wireless mobile data on their smartphones and tablets. Plus, 100 minutes of calling in Italy and to select countries, including US, Canada and Australia. (See complete list of eligible countries below.)

Whether you want to make a local phone call in Rome, text your friend from a gondola, or post selfies at the Colosseum to your Instagram, our plan allows you to stay connected.

ItaliaMobile is the product name for our service provided by TIM, the largest telecommunications company in Italy. It has the biggest network with the best coverage across Italy. With generous data and international calling to key destinations, our 30-day plan is second to none. 

This is the best mobile service for travelers to Italy. Period.

How Does It Work?

Setup and activation is easy:

1. Purchase ItaliaMobile online here now. 

2. You will then receive an email from us with: a voucher;  PIN code; list of TIM locations where you can activate your plan. 

Read on for detailed instructions:

Once you've purchased the service online, you will receive a voucher with a PIN code by email, along with a list of TIM locations across Italy, including those near the major city airports and train stations. You’ll present the voucher with the PIN code and a personal identity document to TIM point of sale representative.

You’ll receive a SIM card with the activation of the ItaliaMobile plan (TIM FOR VISITORS) at no additional charge.

SIM LOCKED, IMPORTANT NOTE: Some devices (phone and tablets) are ‘SIM Locked.’ This means that the device will only work with a SIM card from the service provider that provided your device. For example, a pre-pay T-Mobile iPhone may be SIM locked and can only be unlocked using a special code from T-Mobile. Other providers, such as Verizon, do not lock new 4G devices. You can test this by trying a SIM card from a completely different network (e.g. if you are on T-Mobile you can try a Verizon SIM card). 

If you have any doubts whatsoever, contact your home service provider to check if the device is SIM locked. If it is SIM locked, you can ask if you are eligible to have your phone unlocked. If your device is SIM locked and you do not unlock it, ItaliaMobile will not work on your device—nor any other mobile service overseas.  Please double check since this product is NON-REFUNDABLE once we have provided your personal Activation PIN Code.

Click on your US service providers below for SIM unlocking policies and information:

For more information and a list of FAQs from the FCC about unlocking phones, click here



               ✓ You must have an unlocked phone to use this plan

               ✓ Valid 30 DAYS from the date of activation

               ✓ No hidden costs or roaming charges

               REMINDER: If your device is SIM locked to your home network, you will not be able to use the ItaliaMobile service.


Click here for a map of TIM Stores in Italy. *You will receive a complete list of locations via email with your purchase confirmation.



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