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Make planning your Italian trip more enlightening and fun with the insider travel tips and advice contained in the award-winning Dream of Italy newsletter. This monthly newsletter is a labor of love by and for Italophiles, and it contains secrets you're not going to find anywhere else. Its author, Kathy McCabe, also has a hit PBS show of the same name.

ItaliaPass members get a free monthly subscription to this wonderful newsletter, which includes access to 115+ of the detail-packed back issues and 24 special reports on traveling in Italy. Learn about restaurants favored by locals, the best places to shop for authentic Italian souvenirs, tips on traveling with kids in Italy, what Italian holidays are like, and much more.

Reading the Dream of Italy newsletter will feed your Italian wanderlust, and it will also make you a smarter traveler once you arrive in this beautiful country. Become your own expert Italy travel guide with the insights and advice in Dream of Italy.

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